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Organised Outdoor Community Play

About the fund

The Outdoor Community Play Fund for 2021-22 has now launched.  This year it has an added focus on supporting parents and facilitating family play. Charities can seek to work with children and their families to encourage them to play and learn together, help to improve attachments, strengthen bonds and parental confidence in supporting their children’s play. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor play is recognised as being increasingly vital, for parents and children alike.

In 2020-21, the fund distributed £380,000 across 23 play charities, reaching more than 5,000 children in Scotland. This year, a total of £500,000 is being provided to help charities who facilitate outdoor play for children and their families.

Children and families in some of the country’s most deprived areas are to benefit from free organised outdoor play activities aimed at improving their health and wellbeing.


2021/2022 Latest Funding: The Charities

In 2020-21, the fund supported over 5,000 children in Scotland through 23 play charities. This round of funding has been increased from £380,000 last round, to £500,000 in 2021/22 to help charities who facilitate outdoor play for children and their families.

The 25 charities supported through the 21/22  Organised Outdoor Community Play fund are:

  • 3D Drumchapel – 3D Drumchapel Outdoor Play
  • Aberdeen Play Forum – 1. Wee Adventurers! Let’s Play Again 3. Woodlands Explorers!
  • Belville Community Garden Trust – Will O the Wild
  • Children 1st – Children 1st North Ayrshire Family Wellbeing Hub
  • Dads Rock – Dads in the Wood
  • Early Years Scotland – Stay Play and Learn Outdoors
  • East Lothian Play Association – ELPA Play Rangers – spark outdoor play
  • Family Journeys – Nature Contact Clubs
  • Jeely Piece Club – Play 4 All
  • Kingsway Community Connections – Kingsway Outdoor Youth Activity Programme
  • Kirkcaldy YMCA – Free 2 Play
  • North Edinburgh Arts – North Edinburgh Play Rangers
  • Parent Action for Safe Play – Play Outdoor Programme
  • Play Scotland – Playful Communities
  • Possibilities for Each and Every Kid (PEEK) – Playbourhood
  • Project 31 SCIO – Pop Up Play
  • Renfrew YMCA SCIO – Lets Play Together
  • Royston Youth Action – Wild Family Adventures
  • Smart Play Network – Smart Play Rangers
  • St Paul’s Youth Forum – SPYF Outdoor Play
  • Starcatchers Productions Ltd – Starcatchers Creative Play
  • The Concrete Garden – Outdoor Play at the Back Garden
  • The Urban Roots Initiative – Family Play Days
  • Under The Trees – Wild About Play
  • YMCA Edinburgh SCIO – Play Rangers

Please note we are currently updating the website with each project description so please do check back however if you wish to find out more on an individual project please email:

2020/2021 Funding: The Charities

The 20/21 Organised Outdoor Community Play Fund was launched at the end of July 2020 to support childhood health and wellbeing through outdoor play.

For 2020/21, Scottish Government wanted to support Scottish Registered Charities operating in areas of disadvantage (top 20% of SIMD) to deliver local organised community based outdoor play for children and their families.

Applications for up to £25,000 were considered and £342,000 was awarded to 22 charities, running projects across Scotland in areas of deprivation (top 20% of SIMD)

These cover areas in Glasgow; Edinburgh; North Lanarkshire; Dumfries and Galloway; East Lothian; North Lanarkshire; Midlothian; Dundee; Stirling; Clackmannanshire; Falkirk.

The charities supported through the 20/21 Organised Outdoor Community Play fund are:

Outdoor play tookit

Outdoor Play has a vital role in supporting better health and well-being for children, aiding in recovery from lockdown and in building resilience.

As we build back from COVID-19, outdoor play can enable children to be more physically active, engage with friends and establish a sense of wellbeing.

Building on many of the same ideas as Thrive Outdoors’ Play Ranger project, it can be run in any community, in almost any setting.

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