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Support in the Right Direction 2021

Helping people to have choice and control over their lives.

Self-directed Support empowers people to be equal partners in their care and support decisions and to participate fully in all aspects of life. Support in the Right Direction 2021 funds organisations across Scotland to deliver independent support to people and carers accessing social care, and to support them to exercise choice and control over that care.

Consultation now closed

Inspiring Scotland opened a consultation for the independent support sector and other key partners, following the success of the Support in the Right Direction (SiRD) funding programme, which empowers people to be equal partners in their social care and support decisions.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the online surveys and virtual discussion events during May. These have now closed but if you have feedback you would like to share please email For further information please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Engaged, informed and included.

We believe everyone should have control over their own life. Some people need additional support and care and require help to make important decisions and exercise that control.

Inspiring Scotland is the Scottish Government’s delivery partner for the Support in the Right Direction 2021 (SiRD2021) programme. The aim of SiRD2021 is to increase the delivery of independent support for people who require social care. Self-directed Support is Scotland’s mainstream approach to social care.

With SiRD2021 funding, 31 projects across 31 local authority areas in Scotland, are delivering independent support to people and carers accessing social care, and to support them to exercise this choice and control. As Fund managers, Inspiring Scotland will support the performance management, monitoring and evaluation of these projects.

Since October 2018, projects will work alongside Health & Social Care partnerships to provide information, help and advice about social care options, working with people and carers to identify personal goals, and brokering access to services and community supports. Projects are also providing advocacy to help people with social care assessments, facilitating peer networks, and support to manage personal social care budgets and employ assistants. A full list of funded projects can be found here.

The SiRD2021 funding programme comes at the concluding end of implementation of Scottish Government’s 10-year Self-directed Support Strategy.
Inspiring Scotland previously supported the Scottish Government’s Self Direction Support Funds between 2015 and 2018.

October 18

SiRD 2021 start


projects supported


invested since October 2018


people and families supported

SiRD Portfolio Day

SiRD’s latest portfolio day was held virtually in late 2020. Here are some of the highlights, showcasing the fund activity of the SiRD programme, what funded charities have been up to, and their continued impact.


Progress Update January 2021

The latest ‘Support in the Right Direction’ progress update is now available. Read more about what funded projects have been doing and how they have continued to provide much needed support.

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What is Self-directed Support?

Find out more about the different ways Self-directed Support can work and what services are available.

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SiRD 2021 Programme Outcomes

Inspiring Scotland will work directly with projects to support delivery, reporting, learning and sustainability. The programme offers the opportunity for projects to work alongside national partners to champion and promote independent support showing how it enables better outcomes for social care users and communities.

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Review of Independent Information and Support Services 2017

Download the research findings from the 2017 ‘Review of Independent Information and Support Services’. The report presents findings from an evaluation of projects funded to deliver such activities under the previous Support in the Right Direction (SiRD) Fund 2015 - 2021.

Download the findings

Support in the Right Direction (2021)

Portfolio of charities

Advocacy Orkney
Support in the Right Direction (2021)

Advocacy Orkney

Advocacy Orkney provides people and their carers with independent advocacy on Self-directed Support in Orkney. This includes helping people to articulate their needs, engage in their care planning, ensure their care meets their needs, self-advocate, explore local availability and develop person specifications when employing Personal Assistants. The project also delivers information sessions and will develop

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Advocacy Service Aberdeen
Support in the Right Direction (2021)

Advocacy Service Aberdeen

Advocacy Service Aberdeen provides people and their carers with independent advocacy on Self-directed Support in Aberdeen. This includes helping people to: identify and develop personal outcome plans; prepare for, express their views at and participate in assessments and reviews; challenge decisions; access services and identify solutions to meet their outcomes and manage a social care

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Advocacy Western Isles
Support in the Right Direction (2021)

Advocacy Western Isles

Advocacy Western Isles provides people and their carers with independent advocacy on Self-directed Support in Comhairle nan Eilan Siar. This includes pre-assessment information and awareness raising, support throughout the care assessment process and help to identify personal outcomes, understand and choose an option, set up a social care package, access community-based services, manage finances and

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