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A Practitioner’s Guide: Play and Wellbeing Tips

A Practitioner’s Guide: Play and Wellbeing Tips


 The power of play! 

This week’s blog is from us at Thrive to raise awareness of the benefits of play on a child’s mental health. As some of you may know it is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week and we thought it might be useful to offer up some handy tips and activities for practitioners with a special focus on allowing children to express themselves through play or indeed relax and quieten an anxious mind. Part of a practitioner’s role is being aware of a child’s mental wellbeing as well as their physical. It’s a lot easier to notice when a child is hurting physically but its sometimes trickier to notice when a child is struggling mentally. But the good thing is there is no right or wrong in outdoor play and the benefits of just playing are immense





A Practitioner’s Guide: Children’s Parliament Guest Blog

  In this blog post, Children’s Parliament team member and current student-teacher Catrin discusses her experiences of playing and learning outdoors and what can get in the way of children realising their right to play and their right to reach their full potential through education.  

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  Show your support and commitment to the statement by sharing the key messages within this toolkit on social media. To make this easier for you we have created a social media graphic to be used on social media and accompanying text for you to simply copy and paste into your own social media posts!

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Organised Outdoor Community Play: Budget Proposal

  Please download below a copy of the Organised Outdoor Community Play Budget Proposal.  

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