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Go2play is now Thrive Outdoors

At Inspiring Scotland, we want all of Scotland’s children to thrive.

We have been working in outdoor play since 2010 and we know that by playing outdoors, children grow, learn and develop, emotionally and physically, in the best possible way. In short, growing playing and learning outdoors is how children thrive.

That’s why, after eight years of working to increase outdoor play opportunities for children across Scotland under the go2play name, we are changing to Thrive Outdoors.

We will continue to champion outdoor play as vital for children’s development by supporting Scotland’s children to grow, play & learn outdoors.

We will continue to fund Play Rangers in communities across Scotland, providing opportunities for children to access free play within their community – on street corners, or in local parks or woodland.

We will continue to deliver Active Play in primary schools to increase children’s health and fitness and boost their social, emotional and cognitive development.

And we will continue to lead on the expansion of Outdoor  Childcare  to ensure children’s emotional, physical and mental health and wellbeing are prioritised by giving children the opportunity to have fun and learn in the outdoors from an early age.

You can continue to follow our work on Twitter @Thrive_Outdoors and on Facebook.


Our Vision:

All Scotland’s children will thrive.

Our Mission:

Because we will:

  • improve the health, wellbeing and development of Scotland’s children by leading on the development and delivery of outdoor play-based learning for all.
  • make the health, wellbeing and developmental benefits of outdoor play-based learning universally understood by acting as leaders, influencers, innovators, and champions of Scotland’s outdoor play-based learning sectors.
  • support collaboration, innovation and development within the Early Years, education, play and outdoors sectors, helping to increase scale and advance ideas which improve the health, wellbeing and development of children, using outdoor play-based learning as a vehicle.


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