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Building Brighter Futures Fund

Hub Community Foundation's Building Brighter Futures Fund is now open for applications

The Building Brighter Futures Fund (BBFF) aims to support the most disadvantaged young people furthest from the labour market by providing opportunities to gain the skills and confidence to succeed through education, training and employment, throughout Scotland. The BBFF is funded by Hub Community Foundation (HCF) and managed by Inspiring Scotland.

About the Building Brighter Futures Fund

Building Brighter Futures Fund will distribute up to £300,000 in total per annum over three years to selected organisations which support young people, aged 12 to 21, into employment, education or training.

Funding awards, will range from £20,000 to £60,000 per annum over three years, and will be subject to ongoing monitoring, reporting and review. Inspiring Scotland will work with the portfolio of successful organisations to ensure funding is used in the most cost-effective and impactful way.

Successful organisations which meet the aims and the criteria of the fund will be selected by HCF, with support from Inspiring Scotland.

The Application deadline date is 5pm on 16th March 2018

To access the online applications form, click here.

For guidance on completing the application, click here.

For the Building Brighter Futures Fund logic model, click here.

For techincal guidance on completing the application, click here.

A copy of the application form, for reference only, can be downloaded here.


Funding Criteria

You will be either a Scottish registered charity or a Scottish based social enterprise or community interest company (CIC).

Your proposal will support additional young people (over and above your existing operations), between the ages of 12 and 21.

The young people supported will be in Scotland, and your proposal will be focused on those who experience disadvantage.

Your proposal will support young people into education, employment or training and will consider the sustainability of the outcome for them.

Your proposed activities will run for up to three years.

Your proposal will seek funding of between £20,000 and £60,000 per annum.

The fund will not support applications for capital projects.


HCF is committed to helping Scotland’s communities to grow and flourish through collaborative community engagement. As such, applicants are encouraged to consider how their proposed programmes could work with young people in areas where hub infrastructure projects, including schools and community learning spaces, have contributed to the community.

Full details of projects in each hub territory can be found here. This is not a compulsory criterion but will be considered a positive. HCF may be able to assist in making connections (for the benefit of the young people being assisted) between successful applicants and the substantial work being undertaken under the hub programme.

Hub Community Foundation identified training and employability opportunities for disadvantaged young people as the initial area of focus for grant giving and support and appointed Inspiring Scotland to manage the Building Brighter Futures Fund (BBFF) in December 2017.

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