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10 ‚ÄėBeautifully Ambitious‚Äô Years of  Link Up

10 ‚ÄėBeautifully Ambitious‚Äô Years of Link Up

Andrew Magowan, Link Up Programme Manager shares his reflections on¬† Inspiring Scotland‚Äôs Link Up Programme turning 10.¬†¬† My colleague described our plans for the celebration as ‚Äúbeautifully ambitious‚ÄĚ.¬† True, but the phrase is also a great way to capture the essence of Link Up since its launch in 2012. Link Up was never really a

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The importance of social connectedness for mental health and wellbeing

The importance of social connectedness for mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health has been a taboo for a long time. It is encouraging to see the topic going up the agenda and becoming a subject of lively conversation, not just amongst professionals but with family and friends too. It is slowly but surely becoming looked at for its universal relevance and central importance to our

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What makes a Link Up worker effective?

Tackling societies biggest issues depends on very special types of people on the frontline. At Link Up we have been analysing what the critical factors are that make our workers most effective in connecting the communities in which they work.  Since 2012 Inspiring Scotland’s Link Up Programme has been leading efforts in actively tackling inequality

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