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Resource: Covid-19 weekly intelligence gathering

Resource: Covid-19 weekly intelligence gathering

Each week Inspiring Scotland staff produce a Covid-19 intelligence report providing an overview of the key issues being reported by the 300 charities Inspiring Scotland supports across its funds.

These initially were developed as an internal resource to help highlight issues as they emerge, help to predict what is needed in the months ahead, and how we collectively can best respond. However we believe the information is useful to a wider audience working to support people in communities across Scotland and the Scottish third sector during the Covid-19 response. The reports should be viewed in a series with each week’s report building on the previous with new issues to highlight.

Latest reportReport No 8 20 July Р18 August 

Report no 7 Р29 Jun Р17 July 

Report no 6 Р22 Р26th June 

Report no 5 – 11 – 15th May

Report no 4 Р4 Р8 May 

Report no 3  Р27 April Р1 May 

Report no 2 Р20 Р24 April 

Report no 1 Р13 Р17 April 

If you would like to discuss this with a member of the Inspiring Scotland team please contact 


Inspiring Scotland Insights October 2020

  Inspiring Scotland’s monthly intelligence report, providing an overview of key issues being reported by charities supported across its funds. Initially developed as an internal resource, these reports help to highlight issues as they emerge, predict what is needed in the months ahead, and explore how we can best respond collectively. We also believe this

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A Practitioner’s Guide: Interactions

  Interactions are where the powers of nature and human nature meet. Dr Lynn McNair of Cowgate Under 5s Centre in Edinburgh talks fish faces, strong air, and enjoying the magic of discovery in this week’s guide exploring child and adult interactions in the outdoor environment.

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Islands Green Recovery Programme Summary

The Scottish Government recently launched the ¬£2 million Islands Green Recovery Programme/Pr√≤gram Ath-Shl√†nachaidh Uaine nan Eilean (IGRP). Background The ¬£230 million ‚ÄėRestart the Economy‚Äô capital stimulus package was announced by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance on 16 June 2020. The package was launched to help stimulate Scotland‚Äôs economy in light of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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