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Link Up’s relevance to a Healthier Scotland

Focusing on some of Scotland’s most deprived communities, Link Up is making a significant contribution to the delivery of the Scottish Government’s commitment to reduce health inequalities and improve health by:

1. Addressing the social determinants of health, widely recognised as key to addressing health inequalities and setting foundations for positive change
2. Growing individuals’ self-confidence, rekindling a sense of self-worth and self-belief, and motivating their desire to live well
3. Offering skilled workers who have the capacity to support people through complex situations and health conditions
4. Providing a cost-effective way to reduce demand on health services

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Snow Castles

  Part of Thrive Outdoors downloadable series of resources developed to support outdoor play. Do you wanna build a snow….castle?! Looking for something fun and outdoors to do with the kids this weekend? Here’s your chance to get outdoors, increase creativity and have some fun with this tactile snow themed activity.

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FAQ’s -Outdoor Winter Clothing Fund


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A Practitioner’s Guide: The joy of wintertime outdoor play

  Time to embrace winter weather! This week’s guest blog is from Dr Claire Warden from Mindstretchers Academy. In this blog Dr Claire shares how she believes embracing winter can bring about many new opportunities for outdoor play and learning as well as some top tips on keeping warm and dry. An interesting and informative

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