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Realising the potential in our communities: A synthesis of three years of learning from Link Up

For decades, and despite millions of pounds of investment, Governments and public agencies have struggled to change the experience of many people living in Scotland’s most disadvantaged communities. Problems of low life expectancy, low levels of employment and educational attainment persist. Link Up set-out to prove that creating the right conditions for change and the seemingly simple steps of working with what’s good in a community and using social activities (e.g. gardening, cooking, arts, crafts, sport, music) to build relationships between local people, could start to turn this intractable position around.


Video: Urban Outdoor Play

‘You don’t need to be in forest to be outside.’ Hamish Orr from Baltic Street Adventure Playground in Glasgow, shares ideas and enthusiasm for outdoor play in towns and cities (C19A)

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Bug Hunting

  Part of Thrive Outdoors downloadable series of resources developed to support outdoor play. Bug Hunting We know about going on a bear hunt. But what about a bug hunt…

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Logic model template

Logic models show how cause and effect can lead to desired outcomes, and many grant makers require a logic model be submitted to show how resources will lead to long-term results. This template is designed to be tailored by your organisation’s personal circumstances.

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