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Insight Paper – Employer Links

This second youth unemployment focused Insight paper by the Our Future Now team outlines the importance of employer engagement in enabling young people with the most challenging lives to compete in the face of fewer opportunities and greater competition for jobs.

These young people face considerable disadvantage and the support delivered by the portfolio is intensive and wide ranging from the point of engagement to securing a job and beyond.  The extend of this work with employers is not always fully understood and it is hoped that this paper reflects the contribution that Inspiring Scotland’s Our Future Now portfolio and wider third sector can make to job creation which will be crucial in the challenging period ahead.

You may also be interested in: ‘Falling Through the Cracks’  which was published in October  2020 and highlights the  cohorts of young people that are at risk of being left behind with youth unemployment increasing as a result of Covid-19.


A Practitioner’s Guide: Children’s Parliament Guest Blog

  In this blog post, Children’s Parliament team member and current student-teacher Catrin discusses her experiences of playing and learning outdoors and what can get in the way of children realising their right to play and their right to reach their full potential through education.  

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  Show your support and commitment to the statement by sharing the key messages within this toolkit on social media. To make this easier for you we have created a social media graphic to be used on social media and accompanying text for you to simply copy and paste into your own social media posts!

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Organised Outdoor Community Play: Budget Proposal

  Please download below a copy of the Organised Outdoor Community Play Budget Proposal.  

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