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Creative Communities Case Study: Tullochan


We are sharing a number of case studies from our charity partners who are part of the Creative Communities programme.

Tullochan, based in West Dunbartonshire aims to support young people to overcome barriers that impact upon young people engaging in their education, progressing into further training or employment through a range of youth development programmes. This particular project commenced in March 2021. 

Tullochan’s proposal was for ‘Furniture Fix’, an intergenerational upcycling project where older people could share practical and creative skills with young people, and bridge the gap between the generations. Many of the planned activities (involving power tools, sewing machines, etc.) were not deliverable during lockdown and the Tullochan team had to quickly change plans. 

In response, they launched the ‘Vale of Memories’ project, a book based on growing up in ‘The Vale.’ Older and younger community members are working together, with young people illustrating stories and poems which have been submitted by the public. The young people were guided by a well-known artist, Barry The Cat. Editing was by a local volunteer who has taken on an integral role in working with the young people. The project created an amazing combination of poems, stories and illustration – bringing warmth and joy to the older residents and to the younger readers, a new interest in their local history and an appreciation of the creative talents of their peers. 

One young person details what they enjoyed most about taking part in the project:

“I enjoyed the session very much as the splattering paint was very fun to do, as well as trying out different colour combinations. At first I was going to go with the music theme from the design brief but then opted for the bright theme since it seemed like I could really let loose and have fun with it. During this session I learned to keep a really good balance of bright and dark tones. I have found these sessions fun and helps me relax and it is always nice seeing everyone on zoom.”- CM 


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