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A practitioner’s guide to hand drying


Part of Thrive Outdoors downloadable series of resources developed to support outdoor play.

Help! – How do we dry hands, kill germs and save the planet?

Cleanliness of hands after washing is a priority, so how important is hand drying, in achieving clean hands? The transmission of bacteria is more likely to occur from wet skin than from dry skin; therefore, the proper drying of hands after washing is critical to maintaining clean hands.


“It’s safer outdoors than in indoors.”

Dr. Mark Tremblay of Canada’s HALO Research talks to Prof. John Reilly of the University of Strathclyde and Rachel Cowper of Inspiring Scotland about how, counter to to popular belief, it is safer for children to be outdoors than indoors. This video is part of a series on the health crisis faced by young children

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Organisational transformation – Murton Trust video

Having worked with Inspiring Scotland as part of the 14:19 Fund since 2009, Murton Trust in Angus has transformed from an under-used outdoor education facility to a a thriving, SQA-accredited vocational training centre.

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Practitioners Guide Bite-sized tips: Grow your own mini pine tree

This week’s practitioner guide features bite-sized tips on growing your own mini pine tree – a great autumn activity to try out. Download to read our 5 tips on growing your own mini tree!   #TuesdayTips

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