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The Play Cards Series

Chalk drawing, denbuilding, crazy races, islands and sharks, nature activity, rainbow road and cloud gazing – just some ideas for play in this series of Play Cards.

Part of Thrive Outdoors Make Time For Outdoor Play – 17 downloadable play card resources developed to support outdoor play during COVID-19.

01 Drawing with chalk

02 Building with twigs and sticks 

03 Mask Making

04 Den Building

05 Be a bean

06 Crazy races

07 Kangaroos and frogs

08 Islands and sharks

09 8 Steps to Heaven

10 Cups and Downs

11 Nature activity Parents Bugs

12 Nature activity Parents Birds

13 Footgolf

14 Croquet

15 Helicopter

16 Rainbow road

17 Cloud gazing





Key Results from The Scottish Outdoor Community Play Mapping Survey

Thrive Outdoors conducted a survey with the aim of creating a holistic view of organisations in the outdoor play sector including where and how they operate, as well as the key challenges that they face. Outdoor play plays a crucial role in ensuring the emotional, social, and physical wellbeing of children and young people. Following

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Risk register template

All organisation’s face risk, and it is important to identify those risks so you can effectively monitor and respond to any changes to ensure you keep your charity’s impact on track. Our risk register template provides a basic outline that you can tailor to your organisation’s specific situation.

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A Practitioner’s Guide: Experiences

  The third of a series exploring the Play Pedagogy shared principles;  interactions, spaces and experiences. We know that learning experiences provided in the earliest months and years in a child’s life are critical for their future success in life – here are a few key experiences that can make a big impact on the development

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