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14:19 Fund 2018 Annual Report

14:19 Fund 2018 Annual Report

This reports on the progress of the 14:19 Fund in 2018.


Working Together: Inspiring Scotland in 2019

Introducing Working Together, the 2019 Annual Report for Inspiring Scotland. Read about the impact of our work across Scotland throughout the past year, including: The difference our ten social impact funds have made. The impact of the 250 charities we have supported over the last year. The investment of £18 million across Scottish society. The support we’ve provided to 81,000 people across Scotland.

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What good looks like: Telling your story and Evaluation

Welcome to What Good Looks Like: Telling your Story and Evaluation. This is the third in our series of guides showcasing best practice, which have been developed in close partnership with Survivor Charities. If you’re interested in this area of work and want to learn more, please contact either Debbie McColgan or Angela Jamieson.  

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What good looks like: Service Delivery

Welcome to What good looks like: Service Delivery, the third of our best practice guides, prepared in partnership with Survivor charities. Other guides will be added as part of the ‘What good looks like’ work. If you are interested in taking part in this or would like any additional information, please contact either Debbie McColgan or Angela Jamieson.

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