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Together, we are Inspiring Scotland

Our vision for Scotland is achievable, says Chief Executive Celia Tennant.

A Scotland without poverty or disadvantage – that is our vision. It is not going to be easy to achieve. But we know from experience when people, communities, charities and government all work together, remarkable things can be accomplished.

We want to tackle some of the long-term, entrenched social problems faced by Scotland’s people and communities. Problems such as poverty and longstanding deprivation have caused deep-rooted, self-perpetuating inequalities among our communities, leading to long-term unemployment, poor health, and diminished opportunities.

To be in with even a chance of solving these problems, we all need to work together across all sectors. And that’s what we aim to do. We build networks and foster greater collaboration between organisations and the people who work for them; we build long-term strategic partnerships between the voluntary, public, private and academic sectors, and increase long-term funding and help develop sustainability within the voluntary sector.

As we strive for a better Scotland, we are helping essential charities to become extraordinary charities, allowing them to better help those they support.

We are working with government, local authorities, academics, communities and local people to develop new ideas and shape effective public policies.

We evaluate, we learn and we share our knowledge. What we do works because we have the opportunity to work with incredible people and we test our work to rigorous standards.

We believe a better Scotland is possible; a Scotland without poverty; a Scotland without disadvantage; a Scotland with opportunity for everyone.

We have this belief because of the extraordinary commitment, compassion, skill, professionalism and drive of the people we work with. We have this belief because of the extraordinary things we have achieved together already. None of which would have been possible without the support of so many generous and warm-hearted supporters, investors, partners, friends and colleagues.

Our vision for Scotland is achievable. And as we look to the future, as we design new programmes and develop our current funds, we will continue to build partnerships and strengthen existing relationships, tapping into the knowledge and experience of Scotland’s people, communities and charity sector.

Celia Tennant, chief executive

Away and Play: Fun, free and vital for development

Away and Play: Fun, free and vital for development

We have lost something by scheduling ‘fun’ as part of our busy lives.  Who remembers hopscotch?  Climbing into a cardboard box?  A stick that to you was a magic wand or a Light Sabre?  Who remembers just running through the woods or over the grass for no real reason at all?  I am sure most

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Resilience in the charity sector is more important than ever

Resilience in the charity sector is more important than ever

Resilience is more important now than ever for the charity sector – but it is just the beginning of the journey we need to take, says Julia Abel, Head of Funds. Being resilient to shocks and change is more important for the charity sector now than it has ever been. I need hardly utter why;

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Let’s change the way we fight poverty and inequality in Scotland.

Let’s change the way we fight poverty and inequality in Scotland.

Let’s break the cycle, says Deputy Chief Executive Helen Chambers  We know inequality breeds poverty. And poverty, in turn, breeds inequality. But it’s not that simple. Inequality is not just about being poor. Inequality means never having opportunity when you have ability and knowledge. It’s about not having a choice when there should be so

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