Go Play Aims

Go Play aimed to help build the play sector to develop and grow. We approached this in three ways:

1. We helped to develop the national and regional organisations which support the play sector.

2. We helped organisations which provide play services to 5 to 13 year olds. We did this by providing funding to develop services that can be sustained in the future, and by helping to build the capacity of the organisations themselves i.e. to help them improve their effectiveness in developing services and helping them work towards achieving their mission.

3. We helped individuals and organisations who have new ideas about creative approaches for different types of play services in Scotland. This included measuring the impact and expanding services that are in their early stages, or about taking an idea from scratch and making it happen.

We have also learnt about all the benefits that play can have for children, and to find better ways of capturing and describing these benefits. Helping play organisations develop and strengthen relationships with current and future funders, by being able to demonstrate the difference their work makes.