Early Years PSP

Public Social Partnership (PSP) is defined as the shared responsibility for the delivery of public services by social economy organisations and the public sector is referred to as Public Social Partnership.

Inspiring Scotland is supporting the performance and programme management of the 14 Early Years Public Social Partnerships operating across scottish local authorities.

A Public Social Partnership involves public and third sector bodies co-designing services or interventions to deliver agreed social outcomes. This approach encourages effective partnership working across sectors, places the third sector at the heart of service design and delivery, and explicitly emphasises outcomes rather than activity.

  • Voluntary partnerships involving one or more organisation from both the public and third sectors. Involving multiple third sector and public sector organisations can ensure services are more joined up.
  • ┬áThe public and third sector organisations share responsibility for managing the PSP, designing and piloting the services.

Inspiring Scotland is an experienced partner and will support the public social partnerships towards greater collaboration, impact and sustainability.

Inspiring Scotland works closely with the lead third sector partner in each PSP to develop an action plan for 2015-16 which maximises the chances of service sustainability.

Inspiring Scotland has a particular focus on financial management, reporting requirements and quarterly reviews as well as fostering collaboration and providing networking opportunities and sharing of best practise. Each PSP has an assigned lead delivery partner from the third sector, although the partnership can involve up to nine partners.